Show PHOTO “The quarries” di Francesca De Pieri

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Cos'è a Memory Box? The Memory boxes are just "boxes of memories", where enclose images of real places destined to remain memories or, fantastic size destined to fade.

The technique of double printing which I use to create these box, serves to make the sensations even more lives onlookers and point out the memory in those who draw near to them even for just a quick glance.

The Cave

Making shots in Cave means moving in territories within and adjacent to major motorway networks, not least the quarry Martellago (AND), close to the Mestre. They are places that are resistant to change, snaturalizzazioni, abandonment and conversion and that, despite the continuous changes forced, conceal an extraordinary beauty that increases as the threats that loom over them. The Cave is a mystery, are places where you find yourself in front of scenarios for the casual observer inhabit the space limited by a frame, but those who live beyond the limited confines creating shapes and colors that leave the observer to dream a little longer. The strength of the series is then Cave in mystery and about, traveling within Alinari Archives, Cave is familiar to the dossier "A whiff of mystery", in which it is located “Fall "of Vincenzo Toys. Superb for the sense of strong and veiled mystery felt the atmosphere of this image, close to that sense they have for me the images of the series Cave and the very meaning of my path.


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