Fratelli Alinari is the only company that, in Italian, has preserved the tradition of collotype. The collotype is a photomechanical process which allows to obtain images chiaroscuro, without screen, absolutely adhere to the photographic negative. Of a matrix, consists of a crystal plate, is coated with a uniform layer of gelatin sensitized. The inking manual spatula, allows you to keep a constant update on the amount and color tones, while the different degree of development of the plate, modifiable even during the printing process, can be changed at any time the intensity and color contrasts. Each sheet printed in collotype is therefore a unique, result of the combination made by the printer of the various factors that constantly change. Technically the collotype allows you to print from each plate only a limited number of copies. After a certain amount of steps fact, gelatin deteriorates the image hopelessly wasting its effectiveness. The circulation is then optimally between the 300 and 500 copies to each plate.