The art in Cadore at the time of Titian

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"This volume is the first fruit of a research aimed to raise awareness and promote a local artistic heritage linked in various ways to the great master Pievesi.
This is not limited to the study of a work of art in a strictly philological, but a story open to a conception of an anthropological and sociological historiography, such as to bring the Cadore to the fullest light of a land exchange and experimentation, as a place of acceptance of different cultural environments and in some ways complementary. A job, then, aims to increase research focused on the recovery of an identity rich and complex as cadorina.
The decision to give precedence to a search of local nature is simultaneously made use of a methodological choice centered on the center / periphery, therefore entering the Cadore in a wider reality and dynamics and thereby promoting the study of local history and culture next to the major themes titian: and this due to the meticulous research of Alessandra Cusinato, once again engaged on themes of Cadore and on that occasion led by the innovative vision of Bernard Aikema. "

Edited by: A. Cusinato
Texts: B. Aikema
Format: cm 24×28pp.. 192
Photos: 125Softcover
ISBN: 978-88-6302-007-6

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