Opening of the exhibition “Myth”

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The Galleria Salizada
has the pleasure to invite you inauguration the exhibition

paintings Orlando give

Saturday 24 September hours 18:30

The’ originality’ of his works and the’ careful research of the ancient technique of colored earth on wood, Donadio make Orlando one of the most’ famous and popular Italian metaphysical surrealist artists appreciated abroad. Since the late 60's and’ present in numerous exhibitions and his works are in prestigious private collections and museums. Successfully participated in art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Nel 1997 CNN aired a service intereamte dedicated to him and his works. In the same year he painted one of his works and sets up the Mausoleum Assad in Damascus in honor of the son of the king died. Nel 1998 important exhibition and Tier (D) al Episcopal Cathedral Royal. Vince in 2003 the gold florin Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. Nel 2004 commissIned to paint eleven great works for the cruise ship Costa Magica. In the same year the exhibition at Churburg – Castel Coira Schluderns edited by this art and Count Johannes Trapp.



Orlando give

Born in 1943 Treviso, the city where he still lives and works in,Donadio has had a long and distinguished career.
Interessatosi the expressive possibilities of painting, graphics, della Scultura, is able to present his first solo exhibition in the already 1965. Since, ceaseless and methodical artistic activity, accompanied by trips to Europe, Africa and America, marks its continuing maturation as a painter.
The final take shape of a style and a personal message can be observed in his work in the '80s and '90s.

He has exhibited in many European and American cities, winning prizes, flattering judgments and important commissions.
Among all, be mentioned the VI International Biennial of Art in Barcelona in 1979, the preparation of a work in the Mausoleum of Assad in Damascus 1997, l'esposizione al Episcopal Cathedral and Diocesan Museum Trier di nel 1998, a major exhibition at the Museum of Abano Terme (PD)nel 1999, the fourth prize at the Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea Fortezza da Basso in Florence even in 1999, the prize “Gold florin” Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento, in Florence in 2000, an exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology in Vienna in 2001, an exhibition at the castle of Churburg in 2004; very recently, in September 2007, had an important staff at the National Museum of Villa Pisani in Stra (AND).
In 1997 CNN aired a fully dedicated to his work titled “You bleeded the heart and made history weeps”.

In 2004 carried out an important series of paintings for Costa Cruises.
Donadio's painting presents itself as a powerful and original synthesis of diverse sources, filtering as much by painting techniques from the ski coloristic that the conception of the masses and spaces.
From the rich color tones and wise prepared by the painter himself, as in the best tradition of medieval, you go to collage techniques almost metropolitan.
Enigmatic expressions of faces Renaissance peep between decomposed spaces with hints Cubists.
Columns, busti, masks are flanked by coffee, boutiques, even cell phones.

The fresco of Giotto, the drapery of Raphael, the metaphysics of everyday life are all citizens in its tables.
Yet, what dominates is an impression of order and control, a message intended by the author, a product of his own work.
Le figure nette, silent as snapshots, often stand out from backgrounds in neutral colors, guaranteeing the precise perspective points at the thought of the viewer, almost suggesting lines of reflection and interpretation that lead away from the mundane and the already seen.

The author chooses, In his pictorial reflection, to illuminate moments of shared experience, faces and well-known landmarks, with vivid colors and precise details that suggest the richness peculiar, originality is not repeatable, the priceless moments of loads of their meaning.
DONAD Riesco, In short, through technical knowledge, imagination and industriousness, to ensure his own original interpretation of the world.



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