The Alinari

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The book tells of the birth of passion for photography the Alinari brothers, who began their study as engravers in Bardi. Is given to the influence of the Paris ateliers of Leopold and the importance of the historical moment of the unification of Italy. The cultural project and the working methods of the Florentine studio became a hallmark imitated throughout Europe. Soon the Alinari were the representatives of the Italian image in the world. The second generation of photographers continued the knowledge acquired over the years and developed new inventions and techniques, losing sight of the planned now universally recognized even today. In all the subjects of the photograph may Alinari mark that goes to school. The study of the Alinari is also influenced by other arts such as sculpture and architecture and their evolution. The photographic documentation are not forgotten the famous and less well-known scenes of everyday life and the world of work as in the classic tradition of realist literature simultaneously developed in the stories of Giovanni Verga and Grazia Deledda. In the book, then the picture becomes a tool to reflect the history of a company and its revolutionary cultural change at the turn of two centuries.

Edited by: A. C. Quintavalle
Format: cm 24×28pp.. 608
Photos: 1000Hardcover
ISBN: 88-7292-437-5

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