FRATELLI ALINARI Photographers in Florence

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This volume is extensively described the work performed by Alinari. The arduous task of telling 150 years of history is left to their own works. Through a selection of the best and the most significant images belong to their valuable photographic archive bequeathed we understand the importance of their project. The work done by this family of Florentine photographers is relevant both from the artistic point of view and from a technical, as well as documentation. The Alinari in 1852 you push a pioneer in the field of image and communication by creating their own style universally recognized, valid and still active. It is the photographs shown in the book that make us understand the difficulties they encountered along the way and at the same time what they wished to convey. The catalog is divided into a chronological and thematic: the city of Florence and the other main areas at the time of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, photographs of art, the heart of documentation of their work with great ability to interpret, the portrait in the exposure room, visited by celebrities and lesser-known, but images of great charm, photographic campaigns carried out in the south with the representation of street scenes, urban spaces, up to the new photographic campaigns carried out in recent years, both black and white and color.

Edited by: M. Maffioli
Texts: C. Chicken, C. H. Favrod, The. Ciuffoletti, It. Sixth
Format: cm cm 24×28pp.. 280
Photos: 240Softcover
ISBN: 88-7292-436-7

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