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A century of images and twelve great photographers to tell the country's development. A large volume of photographs that, on the occasion of the Centenary, Italy provides a composite view of herself. A real cultural and social event in which the historical look and the contemporary look, archival images and unpublished ones come together for an operation that has never been realized. The unifying theme is the development: social development, inexpensive, Civil, productive. Development of sites, people, materials, relations, behavior, consumption. Development that has as motor industrial production, interpreted also in the impact on daily life over a century of great change.

“The deeper meaning of the Centenary of Confindustria is in its belong to all. Why that heritage belongs to all of memory and the future which is represented by Italian companies, by their values, by people, ideas, the challenges that led Italy from what it was at the beginning of the last century in what is today. And what he wants to be. A path that deserves to be told, including, shared. Thus was born the project photographic hundred years of business to Italy. A journey that helps us not only to understand but to hear our country and its development. A tribute to Italy that for Confindustria, for a hundred years, is the largest of enterprises.” – Emma Marcegaglia

Texts: C. Colombo, G. Calvenzi, The. Pratesi
Format: cm 24×29pp.. 260
Photos: 400Softcover
ISBN: 978-88-6302-042-7

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