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The work of Mollino always consists of "unique", whether it be of furniture that of photographs. The elitist architect never produced any edition of his pictures and signed in his life less than 40 Photos, unique copies often retouched.

Through 140 works from the 1936 to the 1973, and some drawings and historical materials related to their, the volume reveals the "photographic worlds" of Mollino: architecture, skiing and, especially, the important corpus of female portraits, scanned three ruptures net time: l'prewar, the 50s and the Polaroid in the '60s / '70s.
Since the '30s Mollino pinning his attention to grasp the meaning of photography, of its specific, which is well separated from that of painting. The subject is far from obvious in the first half of the 900 and with great skill Mollino confronts and solves, with the many issues that affect this "new" art.
Mollino, professor at the Polytechnic University of Turin, founded a photography workshop at the Faculty of Architecture. Consider photography as a tool to intervene should still use their own built works enhancing with every technical device and even literary the true spirit of its interiors and buildings.
The true subject of his photographs appear to be made, with some exceptions in the years 30-40, exclusively female portraits and is specifically Mollino in his concealment (Mollino "lived" at night, it was losing its traces, not willingly answered the phone). We now know that in decades of intense activity he not only has photo portrait Models, but has prepared, for us, Message from His Dark Room: the design of a woman with hundreds of faces, of bodies and expressions. It 'a woman only photographic, the authentic love of Mollino.
The OPERA PHOTO 1934-1973
Edited by: Fulvio and Napoleone Ferrari
Format: cm 24×31pp.. 184
Photos: 140The bound paperback
ISBN: 978-88-95849-05-8

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